Our Approach

At Intelligent Power International (IPI) our goal is to provide you with a total energy saving solution. So the first step is to assess your needs through a FREE Energy Survey

Once we have completed that survey we are in a position not just to recommend the best course of action but to assist you in implementing these recommendations.

Of course, every customer is different, but our solution would likely comprise of one of more of the following core strategies:


A combination of Advanced Smart Metering & Real-Time Energy Displays show you exactly what is happening to your energy


Customised Training Programs provide the awareness and motivation for users to look for no and low-cost energy saving opportunities


A comprehensive evaluation aimed at identifying all saving opportunities in the following areas
A. No/Low Cost Savings
B. 2 Year Paybacks
C. Long-term Investments


Deliver guaranteed savings through proven technology which may be eligible for government funding or a Pay-As-You-Save Program

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